Player Ratings: AC Milan 0-3 Inter

AC Milan lost the Supercoppa Italiana final against Inter in spectacular fashion as they conceded three goals. The Rossoneri thus continued their terrible form and down below are the player ratings. 

Starting XI

Tatarusanu (5.5): He couldn’t do anything about the goals and did everything right especially on the first one (nearly got a finger to it). His passing was a bit too poor, even though he made one great reflex save, hence the rating.

Calabria (4): Where was he this evening? His positioning in the first half was shocking and that showed on the two goals. He should’ve been there to block Dimarco and on the second goal, Tonali was forced to do his job (unsuccessfully).

Kjaer (3.5): Bad from start to finish. He made sure that it wasn’t offside on the first goal and he committed loads of fouls in the duels. His build-up was also very poor as he often passed it back to Tatarusanu, or just made the wrong decision.

Tomori (4): Some good moments in there tonight, but it was shocking on the third goal. The Englishman often complains and screams at his teammates but he definitely got silenced tonight. Schoolboy error.

Hernandez (5): We need to see so much more from him. He can be questioned on the first goal but overall was not shocking. The contribution wasn’t enough though, as said.

Bennacer (5.5): It would have been interesting to have seen Milan without him this evening, or rather it would have been horrible. He was the one half-decent player out there.

Tonali (4.5): He improved as the game went on but there’s no doubt that he made a big mistake on the second goal. Now, he probably shouldn’t have been there to begin with (covering for Calabria), but he completely sold himself.

Messias (4.5): A couple of good moves from him this evening but was too little impact and Milan needed him to do more in defence.

Diaz (5): He actually did well on a bunch of occasions and helped Milan create chances with his quick turns, but it was for nothing with out-of-form teammates.

Leao (5): He had a bunch of shots here and there, a few closer than others. With his reported new salary, we have the right to demand so much more.

Giroud (4.5): He played it simple maybe two-three times this evening, and it always worked out well then. However, he continued to make (or rather tried) flashy one-touch passes which didn’t work.


Kalulu (5): A few mistakes but nothing fatal from him. Not great either.

De Ketelaere (4): Upon reflection, did he play this evening? Was invisible for most of his time on the pitch.

Origi (4.5): Looked bright at the start of his appearance but faded.

Rebic (5): One of the better subs with at least some intention but nothing came of it.

Dest (5): Just like Rebic, the will to do something was there but no end product.

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