Russia Has Lost More Troops In Ukraine Conflict Than US Did In First World War: Report

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine took to Twitter to share the statistics.

It has been close to 11 months since Russia launched its military operation on Ukraine. There has been unimaginable loss of life, people fled homes, pets killed and infrastructure destroyed. Now, Ukraine has claimed that Russia has lost nearly 1,17,000 troops since the start of the full-scale invasion in February 2022. If this turns out to be true, it will mean that Russia lost more troops than the United States did in the first World War, reported Newsweek.

According to the most recent figures released by Ukraine’s Armed Forces on Tuesday, 1,16,950 enemy troops have been “eliminated” since February 24. However, NDTV is not able to independently verify the claim.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine took to Twitter to share these statistics. They wrote, “328 days of full-scale Russia’s war on #Ukraine.Information on #Russian invasion. Losses of #Russia’s armed forces in Ukraine, January 17.”

The Ministry also adds that 3,121 tanks and 4,877 vehicles and fuel tanks, 2,104 artillery systems belonging to Russia were also destroyed during the full-scale attack. 

A total of 1,16,516 Americans lost their lives in World War I, with 53,402 of them dying in battle and the remaining 63,114 succumbing to non-combat related causes, primarily influenza, while serving in Europe, according to Newsweek. Russian casualties had now surpassed the number of Americans killed in the Korean War (1950-19953) which amounted to 36,516. It is to be noted 58,220 Americans were killed in the Vietnam War which took place from 1955-1975.

Russian casualties, according to Ukrainian reports, greatly outnumber those in the Soviet Union’s 1979 invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, the two Chechen wars in the 1990s and 2000s, the 2008 Russo-Georgian War and Moscow’s participation in the Syrian Civil War, the outlet further noted.

Less than 6,000 troop deaths have been officially reported by Russia during the war, which is currently nearing a year, Newsweek further said. 

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