Talks between NCAA and Michigan crater over Jim Harbaugh’s refusal to admit to lying

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Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh is staying put. And he’ll be dealing with a formal NCAA investigation as he does.

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports reports that talks between the NCAA and Michigan fell apart this week, after Harbaugh refused to admit that he lied to the NCAA when asked about low-level violations.

Per the report, Harbaugh has admitted to minor violations, but he has refused to acknowledge that he was not truthful during the investigation. He said he didn’t recall the events when first questioned, but he insists he never deliberately lied.

The lying allegation raises the stakes, subjecting Harbaugh to a potential six-game suspension along with recruiting restrictions, under NCAA rules.

The official process could likely take at least a year, allowing Harbaugh to coach the team within sanction in 2023. He could then leave for the NFL in 2024, if it appears that he may lose the case against the NCAA.

Harbaugh interviewed with the Vikings last year and the Broncos this year. In both instances, he decided to stay at Michigan.

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