The priciest thing at Twitter’s SF auction cost $100,000

Photo of Joshua Bote

Twitter headquarters is seen in San Francisco on Nov. 18, 2022. 

Anadolu Agency/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

The much-anticipated auction at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters — consisting of office furniture, kitchenware and assorted Twitter tchotchkes — is finally nearing its end.

To little surprise, the most obscenely expensive item that sold during the tech giant’s fire sale was a floor statue of the Twitter bird, which sold at a gratuitous sum of $100,000 late Tuesday morning. Trailing far behind is its LED equivalent, a 10-foot neon Twitter bird display, which went for a cool $40,000. 

A last-minute bidding war emerged for the two Twitter bird items; the Twitter bird statue’s bid more than tripled within an hour of the auction closing up. In the hours leading up to the bid end, the two birds were priced in the $30,000 range. Another piece of Twitter memorabilia sold for a (very relatively) minor sum: An “@” sculpture-slash-planter closed at $15,500.

That said, there were still some decent last-minute deals to be had for folks willing to splurge. High-grade kitchen equipment, like an industrial freezer, a pizza oven and a flywheel slicer, went for below market rate. Knoll task chairs and standing desks were up for grabs for midcentury modern office furniture obsessives.

The auction’s timing aligns with a report by Platformer’s Zoe Schiffer alleging that Twitter’s revenue has declined by 40% year over year. Last week, Business Insider reported that Twitter’s Singapore, Hong Kong and Philippines offices were shuttered, while many others are in the works for closure. 

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